Visiting the nearest corner store helps support 3 million families

For most Mexicans, the corner stores represent much more than a place of purchase, since for many it also implies going to a place of trust. A, although there are currently other distribution models, none, so far, have managed to fully emulate the closeness and familiarity of the colony’s miscellaneous items. In Mexico there are 1,200,000 small businesses.

According to the National Association of Small Businesses (ANPEC), the little shops they generate 1% of the national GDP, which is equivalent to more than 300,000 million pesos annually; with 1,2 million points of sale. In addition, these small businesses, which are mostly run by family members, support 3 million families.

For this reason, the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry invites neighbors, frequent customers and all Mexicans to continue supporting them, visiting the nearest small store, so as not to let these small businesses stop being part of the neighborhoods and neighborhoods of our country.

During the pandemic, many of the businesses made great efforts to remain open and the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry along with its eight allied bottlers continued to support them through the improvement and maintenance of their businesses, the delivery of credits, health protection equipment and trainings to strengthen your management skills.

Part of this support program consists of an investment of 5,000 million pesos to maintain and improve its businesses, more than 190,000 credits to reactivate its economy, more than 500,000 health protection equipment to work safely, and the training of more of 180 thousand women shopkeepers to reinforce their skills that allow them to better manage their business and face this health crisis.

“For me the biggest push has been Coca-Cola because it has taught me to manage my business administration with training courses and that is how I have opened 10 small stores. To be successful in life you have to fall in love with the things you do, my whole family depends on this business, so I can assure all women who want to undertake something that they are going forward, it is important to fight for those dreams and for those goals. that we have ” points out Valentina Estrada, who administers and is owner of 10 little shops on Cuautla, Morelos.

These shopkeepers, men and women, are an example for thousands of Mexicans, that is why the IMCC is at their side, so that together with the population they can help to reactivate the economy of this country and the livelihood of millions of Mexican families by visiting their little store. close.

Every time we buy in our little shop closer we support the work of millions of Mexican families, for Love of Mexico let us continue visiting the shopkeepers of our neighborhood. Let’s do this together.


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