Several industries are in favor of 2G instead of 3G

Status: 11/19/2021 12:07 p.m.

Representatives of the construction industry, several skilled trades and service providers consider a 3G rule in the workplace to be impractical. Instead, you advocate the introduction of 2G.

In the opinion of industry associations, the 3G rule at the workplace decided by the federal government cannot be monitored and documented as prescribed in many professions. In the construction industry, the implementation of a 3G regulation is only possible to a limited extent due to the local conditions, said chief executive Felix Pakleppa to the “Handelsblatt”. In individual cases, companies should therefore be able to use alternatives such as a 2G regulation.

“It is important to continue to advertise the vaccination intensively and, in particular, to accelerate the boosting process,” Pakleppa told the newspaper. “Even if compulsory vaccination is always only the second-best solution, it should not be ruled out from the start.”

Compliance with the new rules is almost impossible

The Federal Association of the Construction Industry believes that compliance with the new corona tightening in a non-stationary professional sector such as the construction industry is almost impossible. “We fundamentally support the proposed measures to contain the corona pandemic. We have also been advocating a high level of safety for our employees since the outbreak of the pandemic,” explains association chairman Marcus Nachbauer.

He adds: “What is still possible in stationary companies, namely checking compliance with the 3G rule for all employees, is almost impossible in our non-stationary industry.” It also remains unclear what should happen to employees who refuse vaccination and testing. In Bavaria, for example, it is no longer possible for unvaccinated construction workers to stay in hotels. According to the BR Some companies have started to set up residential containers in which unvaccinated employees can spend the night. Otherwise, they fear that they will no longer be able to complete their orders on time. In some cases, the companies would then have to pay high contractual penalties to their customers.

Compulsory vaccination would be better

Even for the 700,000 building cleaners in Germany, the new test and control obligations are not practical. The managing director of the Federal Guild Association, Johannes Bungartseien, considers it logistically, personally and financially not feasible, he told the “Handelsblatt”.

“Against this background, politicians should be courageous and honest: Better than new test and control obligations, which are impossible for companies to meet, would be 2G in companies nationwide instead, and thus a compulsory vaccination at the workplace,” emphasized Bungart. Especially in the building cleaning industry, which employs almost 700,000 people nationwide, mostly changing staff at changing locations, often with short periods of use, says Bungart. The association’s managing director emphasized that compliance with the 3G regulation can in fact hardly be checked and documented as prescribed. Politicians are threatening to criminalize an entire industry with “seeing eyes”.

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