ROUNDUP: Is that enough? Experts are cautious about federal-state resolutions

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Scientific experts are cautious about the measures adopted by the federal and state governments on Thursday to combat the corona crisis. The “decisions are going in the right direction, but come too late,” said Hajo Zeeb from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen to the German Press Agency (dpa). The compulsory vaccination for medical staff, like the intensified boosters, will only have an impact slowly, around January. “In this respect, the immediate implementation of testing in care and senior facilities is extremely important in order to create as much safety there as currently possible and not let mortality explode again,” he said.

“Our models show that the measures now available to the countries in countries with a high vaccination rate – at least 70 percent of the population vaccinated twice – are sufficient to stop the dynamic,” said Kai Nagel from the Technical University of Berlin to the dpa. In particular, the combination of 2G plus in the leisure area and 3G at the workplace or home office make a very significant contribution to curbing the occurrence of infections. This is based on the assumption that regular ventilation, testing and wearing a mask prevent infections in educational institutions. In countries with a low vaccination rate, in which less than 60 percent have been vaccinated twice, stronger measures are necessary.

According to the federal-state resolutions on Thursday, the 2G regulation, according to which only those who have been vaccinated and recovered have access to leisure events, restaurants and hotels, comes into force when the so-called hospitalization rate is above 3. The value indicates how many people infected with corona per 100,000 people came to the hospital in the past seven days. If the hospital rate rises to more than six, vaccinated and convalescent patients should also submit a test (2G plus) in certain facilities such as discos, clubs and bars.


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