Pinturas PRISA, at the forefront of innovation and product development

With a national presence and an important position in the paint and coatings market in the West of the country, Pinturas PRISA® stands out because it has the largest portfolio of products and services for the consumer public of the domestic segment, the industrial sector and the hardware store; as well as in offering a successful and profitable business for its dealers.

“We are very proud to celebrate 75 years. From being a company that was born in a family environment with a lot of effort, based on the culture of innovation, values, development and attention to our clients and collaborators ”. Eng. Alejandro Romero Trujillo, General Director of PRISA®, pointed out in the context of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the company.

Since its inception, PRISA® has improved and perfected the products it offers, thanks to its focus on the needs of those who prefer them.; to a team of chemists, engineers and laboratory technicians who do their own research for product development and service optimization.

In the 1950s, PRISA® manufactured and commercialized washable vinyl paint, easy to apply and high resistance, which was at the forefront of the change in synthetic products, since at that time this type of material was not known in Mexico .

In the 70’s he innovated in the manufacture of resins and in the 80’s in the creation of quick-drying paints. In the 90s, PRISA® entered the market with acrylic waterproofing, to name a few of the many products developed in its own laboratory.

PRISA® was one of the first companies to introduce the color reproduction system; which currently allows you to provide your customers with the most complete range of colors available on the market.

The company’s commitment has always been to revolutionize the industry and offer new products with the best quality. That is why each one is exhaustively supervised to verify that it complies with the different Official Regulatory Standards in Mexico.

To guarantee the quality of each drop that is produced, a series of processes are carried out that lead to certification, either internal or external, for which the company has a specialized team; In addition to having ecological lines formulated with a water base and without the use of solvents. Thus, it has achieved the certification of processes by agencies such as the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT). It also has the ISO-9001 certification that guarantees quality in defined processes.

In the social sphere, PRISA® has made possible the transformation in various educational institutions, public spaces and has provided support to non-profit institutions such as the Pink Cross, ABP, Red Cross, as well as the painting of numerous walls that promote the art in the city, among others; by donating thousands of liters of paint.

A close treatment, guarantees, technical support and advice are some of the characteristics that distinguish the service that PRISA® offers to its network of dealerships and through them to the end customers who choose them to satisfy their needs and expectations for the renovation of spaces. or industrial projects; what has allowed this Jalisco company to be one of the most recognized brands in the market.

“One of the keys to the success of PRISA® is to accompany our clients as solutions and business consultants. The learning is in the field, in understanding in depth the need that my client has to offer the best solution, that is why we take care of the constant training of our collaborators and dealers to provide the best service to the end consumer ”, indicates Alejandro Romero; who commented that they will soon inaugurate the PRISA® Technical Institute in order to continue training their team, dealers and applicators in general.

Currentlye PRISA® has an infrastructure that produces more than 40 million liters of paints and coatings per year in four production plants in the country; it was recently optimized with automated production processes to provide a catalog that offers more than 5,000 products; maintains its vision of expansion to what now has more than 300 points of sale in 20 states of the Mexican Republic; offers direct employment to more than 750 employees; After a history of solid growth at 75, it is a leading brand in the Mexican industry that continues to color your story.

PRISA®️ 75 Years giving color to your story!


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