New tax regulations burden: Bitcoin falls to a one-month low

The digital currency market remains under pressure.

On Friday, Bitcoin, the oldest and largest crypto investment in terms of market value, fell to its lowest level in a month. In the low, a price of 55,600 US dollars was marked on the Bitstamp trading platform. By the afternoon, the Bitcoin rate had recovered to around $ 57,870. The value of all currently almost 14,500 digital systems fell to $ 2.5 trillion. The record high was only recently reached at just under $ 3 trillion.

Other digital values ​​such as Ether, Solana or XRP also continued to decline. New tax regulations of the US government had recently caused a burden. They are part of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package and provide for stricter transparency requirements for crypto traders. This is a property of many digital currencies that crypto fans particularly appreciate: anonymity. The particularly critical attitude of China towards Bitcoin & Co. also arouses concerns over and over again.

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