INDEX MONITOR: Deutsche Wohnen expected in the MDax and Vitesco in the SDax

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FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – While it is in the Dax If there will be no changes in the composition for the time being, the changes of place in the indices below the German benchmark index will continue cheerfully. Deutsche Wohnen, which was only removed from the leading index at the end of October is back in the game when there are changes in the Dax family indices (Dax, MDax, SDax and TecDax) in December.

Deutsche Wohnen had to be in the course of the takeover by Vonovia their place in the Dax for Beiersdorf (Beiersdorf share) make free. The reason given by Deutsche Börse the free float, which has fallen well below ten percent, which is an automatic criterion for removal from the Dax family indices.

On October 29th, however, Deutsche Wohnen announced in a voting rights notification that it was exercising a convertible bond in shares ahead of schedule, which had previously been announced on its website. The number of shares, which ultimately increased significantly again, brought the free float back above the ten percent mark, “which put Deutsche Wohnen in the MDax on December 20th should come, “said index expert Luca Thorißen from the investment bank Stifel Europe.

If, on the other hand, the free float remains above ten percent, they will see Zooplus descend into the SDax in December. Whether Encavis would then have the best opportunities for advancement is questionable because of the strong fluctuations in the price of this share. The car rental company Sixt might be there or the shop pharmacy better there.

Deutsche Börse will perform an extraordinary review of the Dax family on the basis of the rankings as of the end of November on Friday, December 3, and will announce the results in the evening. Any implementations will take place on Monday, December 20.

Index changes are particularly important for funds that replicate real indices (e.g. physically replicating ETFs). There must then be reallocated and reallocated accordingly, which can have an impact on the share prices./ck/ag/mis


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