Handelsblatt Today: Get a travel voucher during Corona? You should be aware of this

In 2020 the aviation industry almost completely collapsed. As a result of the corona pandemic, the airlines have made losses in the billions. Now the incidence in Germany is increasing again dramatically. Many federal states have already introduced the 2G rule across the board and the situation in intensive care units is getting worse and worse.

The fear of another lockdown is increasing – also in the aviation industry. What about the airlines today and could they survive another lockdown? What can passengers now expect? Will the prices of airline tickets rise soon? Jens Koenen, Handelsblatt editor and expert for the aviation industry, has the answers.

In addition: Anyone who booked a trip in the past year and was unable to take it due to the pandemic may have received a travel voucher instead of a refund. They run out in January. Many tour operators offer to extend these coupons. Handelsblatt editor Christoph Schlautmann warns those affected to be careful.

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