German EU ambassador warns of polexit and trade war with Great Britain

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The German ambassador to the EU, Michael Clauss, warns the future federal government against postponing important European policy issues. Precisely in the phase in which Berlin is only able to act to a limited extent, “we are experiencing an accumulation of critical issues in Brussels,” says a confidential letter available to the Spiegel, which Clauss wired to the Foreign Office last week.

The rapid rise in energy prices has triggered a “massive dispute over the correct answer” within the European Union. The subject will occupy the heads of state and government at the summit in mid-December. “There is no sign of an agreement,” warns Clauss. France will probably be successful in promoting nuclear power in the EU “as the green energy of the future”.

This is “either supported by the great majority of the member states or is acceptable to them,” writes Clauss. The issue of migration, which is likely to be on the summit agenda due to the crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border, threatens new problems. Here, too, “an agreement is not in sight” – as is the case with the rule of law conflict with Poland. The EU Commission is currently refusing to pay out 37 billion euros from the Corona reconstruction fund to Poland. Warsaw threatened to block the EU on important projects, said Clauss. There is a threat of an “uncontrollable dynamic” that could lead to Poland leaving the EU. Great Britain also continues to cause problems for the EU. It is becoming increasingly clear that London does not want to implement the Northern Ireland Protocol negotiated with Brussels. “A trade war no longer seems to be ruled out,” said Clauss.

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November 19, 2021 09:13 ET (14:13 GMT)

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