EU saves billions in corona aid through stronger growth

BRUSSELS (dpa-AFX) – Due to the better economic situation, the EU will probably have to pay around 11.6 billion euros less corona aid to its member states. This emerges from an invoice from the European Parliament’s scientific service at the request of MEP Moritz Körner (FDP). The documents were available to the German Press Agency on Friday. Initially, “Der Spiegel” reported on it.

The EU development aid is calculated depending on the economic situation in the countries, part of which depends on growth until the end of 2021. Since the EU Commission recently presented a new, more positive economic forecast, the calculation is now being adjusted. Twenty Member States that have grown faster than expected are now likely to receive less aid than announced. Romania loses the most (around 1.98 billion euros), followed by France with a loss of 1.55 billion euros and Belgium, where 1.38 billion euros less are distributed.

Germany has not yet been affected by the adjustment, as the upswing has been weaker than expected. The federal government will receive around 25.6 billion euros as planned – an increase due to weaker growth is not planned. “Cynically speaking, Germany is lucky in misery,” commented Körner. “It would have been better for the German citizens to lose debt-based aid and instead benefit from a stronger economic upswing.” How much which state will receive, however, should not be finalized until the end of June 2022./dub/DP/ngu

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