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What do I need legal protection insurance for?

Legal issues and legal problems usually appear completely unexpected out of nowhere. You have to take care of your business and now a time of uncertainty, great expenditure of time and high costs is just around the corner. DAS Rechtsschutz AG will take care of these problems for you.

You will receive legal support from our own DAS top lawyers and we will resolve legal disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible – even out of court. We represent you through Austria-wide specialized partner lawyers and help you to minimize the financial risks of legal disputes.

In short: the original in legal protection ensures that you as a customer get your rights!

How expensive can it get without legal expenses insurance?

Do you think the loser will bear the total cost? That is not right. If, for example, the court decides that the guilt is shared between the parties to the dispute or that the possibility of diversion is accepted, then without the right legal protection insurance you will be left with part of the costs incurred. That can get really expensive!

If the amount in dispute is still low, at only 10,000.00, total costs of 33,000.00 euros can easily arise in court. You can get a rough overview with the DAS process cost calculator at

For which areas does legal protection insurance make sense?

The areas for which legal protection insurance makes sense depends on individual needs. DAS offers the right legal protection for all areas of business and life. In the corporate sector, these are services such as general contract legal protection, tax auditing, compensation or labor court legal protection. Plus disputes from own or third-party deliveries and services as well as legal protection of permanent establishments. The protection of the vehicle fleet, legal protection in the event of trade withdrawal or criminal investigation.

How much does legal protection insurance cost in comparison?

Especially in the field of legal protection insurance, apples are often compared with pears. In the private sector, DAS can expect around one euro per day for the most comprehensive package. In the corporate area, the premiums depend on the respective company.

Independence – what do you mean?

DAS has been the specialist in the Austrian legal protection market for more than 65 years. That means we concentrate completely on legal expenses insurance. Therefore, there are no so-called conflicts of interest with us. DAS is only committed to the interests of its customers. It also takes action against other insurance companies and seemingly overpowering opponents and institutions.

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