Corona situation: “Germany is one big outbreak”

Status: 11/19/2021 11:33 a.m.

Health Minister Spahn and RKI boss Wieler have warned of the worsening of the corona situation. The fourth wave could not be slowed down with 2G alone. Wieler advocated reducing contacts and canceling major events.

Jens Spahn (CDU) believes that the corona situation in Germany has deteriorated further. “The momentum is unbroken,” said the acting Federal Minister of Health at the joint press conference with RKI boss Lothar Wieler in Berlin. The seven-day incidence increased fivefold within four weeks. He referred to the tense situation in the hospitals: “We are in a national emergency that needs a national effort.” Spahn warned: “It’s ten past twelve.”

“We now need resolute action together to break the momentum,” he said. The tools are there: vaccination, testing, AHA rules – “and above all contact reduction”. But the minister admitted that it would not be enough on its own. “With vaccinations and boosters, we will no longer be able to break the wave for a short time.”

“Consistently comply with and control rules”

Spahn referred to the uniform threshold values ​​agreed by the federal and state governments yesterday for the hospital load, from which stricter corona measures must take effect in the states. The planned steps with nationwide access rules only for vaccinated and convalescent people (2G) would have to be consistently implemented and consistently monitored. It is about a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” and significant contact restrictions.

The minister also referred to the need to move intensive care patients to other clinics. Here you get into the situation of having to relocate patients to other clinics not only within the five regions provided for this purpose in Germany but also for the first time on a larger scale nationwide – and possibly also to neighboring countries.

Wieler: The 2G rule is not sufficient

RKI boss Wieler also emphasized the seriousness of the situation. He pointed out that in more than a quarter of the counties, the seven-day incidence is over 500, and that many hospitals are on the verge of attack. “It has long since ceased to be about individual regional outbreaks – all of Germany is one big outbreak, that is a national emergency,” he warned.

Wieler no longer considers the nationwide 2G rule resolved by the Prime Minister’s Conference to be sufficient. The 2G rule makes sense, “in the current situation that is no longer enough,” he said. The RKI boss reiterated his call to cancel major events, close hotspots such as poorly ventilated clubs and bars and reduce private contacts.

“Stay at home if possible”

In addition, further measures are necessary, said Wieler. People should also “stay at home if possible” and stop meeting too many people. “We have to pull the emergency brake now,” said Wieler. Children and the elderly should now be protected.

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