Boeing 787 continues to cause problems

A US Congress Committee wants to investigate possible regulatory failures because of the ongoing problems with Boeing’s 787 “Dreamliner” long-haul jet.

The House of Representatives’s committee responsible for transport and infrastructure announced on Friday that it had asked the Inspector General of the Ministry of Transport to carry out a corresponding review. Specifically, in view of the ongoing production deficiencies, it is a question of whether the inspections and personnel strength of the FAA are sufficient to identify problems in Boeing’s manufacturing processes.

The “Dreamliner”, which was launched around ten years ago as the long-haul jet of the future, has been a problem for Boeing for a long time. This year, the group had to temporarily stop deliveries due to various production problems and reduce the production rate. A solution is still a long way off. The “Wall Street Journal” reported, citing insiders, that Boeing had cut 787 production, which had already been cut down to just two machines per month, because of the defects. That should delay the deliveries further.

Boeing did not confirm this directly when asked. A spokesman said about the report and the investigation requested by the congressional committee only that the company continues to seek solutions in close coordination with the FAA and its suppliers and customers. There is no evidence that the problems pose a safety or flight risk for the 787 machines in operation. However, as long as the priority is on inspections and improvements, the production rate will remain “dynamic”. On the stock exchange, the bad news played into the hands of the gloomy sentiment among Boeing stocks ahead of the weekend.

The US aircraft giant was actually on the way this year to recover from the consequences of the Corona crisis and the debacle over its best-selling 737 Max series, which has been banned from flights worldwide for more than a year and a half after two crashes with a total of 346 deaths was. But the series of problems with the “Dreamliner” overshadowed successes, for example with orders and deliveries of the 737 Max. Boeing’s shares were at the bottom of the US leading index Dow Jones on Friday with a minus of over six percent. In the meantime, the price gains in the current year have almost completely disappeared.


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