ATX TR on course weakest trading day in 2021 after lockdown fixing (Christian Drastil) |

At 11:14 am the ATX TR is with me -2.51 percent im Minus at 7549 points (End of 2020: 5466). The top performers of the PIR Group are Frequentis with + 2.72% to 28.35 euros, followed by Rosenbauer with + 1.54% to 52.8 euros and Mayr-Melnhof with + 1.14% to 177.2 euros. To compare the DAX: 16150 (-0.61%, end of 2020: 13719). The largest daily loss in 2021 so far comes from April 20. at -2.39 percent, the ATX TR is currently weaker virtually.

(The input from Christian Drastil for the of November 19th.)


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Current indication: 112.00 / 112.40
Time: 14:01:17
Change to the last SK: -1.41%
Last SK: 113.80 ( -0.18%)


Current indication: 36.45 / 36.60
Time: 14:01:37
Change to the last SK: -1.95%
Last SK: 37.25 ( -1.59%)


Current indication: 41.60 / 41.90
Time: 13:54:25
Change to the last SK: -0.83%
Last SK: 42.10 ( -1.17%)


Current indication: 87.55 / 87.65
Time: 13:59:28
Change to the last SK: 0.46%
Last SK: 87.20 ( -3.86%)

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Stocks on the radar:Porn, AT&S, Rosenbauer, CA Immo, Telekom Austria, Agrana, BKS bank trunk, Uniqa, Kapsch TrafficCom, Mayr-Melnhof, VIG, SBO, Austrian post, Zumtobel, FACC, Bawag, DO&CO, OMV, Semperit, SW environmental technology, Composite, Mold, Oberbank AG trunk, Addiko Bank, covestro, Daimler, Puma, Sartorius, Symrise, Siemens, Siemens Healthineers.

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