Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet shares increase: Pentagon starts tendering for new cloud project

The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, has formally asked the country’s four major tech companies – Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet subsidiary Google, and Oracle – to submit bids for a multi-billion dollar cloud computing contract.

The contract is intended to replace the “Jedi” cloud computing project, for which Microsoft received the sole contract from the Pentagon in 2019 and the award of which was contested by Amazon. In addition, the Congress had numerous objections.

The Pentagon canceled the major order in July and announced that it would start a new cloud project called “Joint Warzigster Cloud Capability” (JWCC) “.

The Pentagon would not be bypassed for an opinion on why IBM was not involved.

At times, Amazon shares gained 1.61 percent on NASDAQ to 3,756.30 US dollars, while Alphabet shares rose 0.11 percent at 3,017.42 US dollars and Microsoft shares rose 0.63 percent $ 343.42 gain. The Oracle share is on the NYSE against it by 0.29 percent to 94.39 US dollar.


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