Accused in court for predictions of the Turkish currency crisis

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Justitia, the goddess of justice (symbolic image).

ISTANBUL (dpa-AFX) – The Turkish lira has lost significantly in value in recent years – 38 defendants are on trial in Istanbul because of tweets that predicted this in 2018. The indictment accuses them of having shared “provocative posts” on social networks, the news portal T24 reported on Friday. According to a lawyer, you are said to have prophesied a decline in the value of the lira against the US dollar from seven to ten. They weren’t wrong – you can now get more than eleven lira for one dollar (dollar rate). There are also two journalists among the defendants.

The Turkish judiciary has a keen eye on posts on social networks. Anyone who criticizes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan risks imprisonment. Ever since a large part of the media has been under direct state control in some cases and numerous journalists have been imprisoned for critical contributions, social media have become the last remaining space for open criticism. That is a thorn in the side of the government.

On a trial day originally planned for Thursday, the judge surprisingly did not appear, the lawyer announced via Twitter. Previously, the national currency had fallen again to a record low – even lower than assumed in the tweets three years ago. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan takes the view, contrary to current economic theory, that high interest rates cause inflation instead of combating it. / Apo / DP / he


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