UN climate conference: EU commissioner expects the rule book to be concluded

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Protesters demand action against global warming (symbol picture).

GLASGOW (dpa-AFX) – Before the planned end of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans sees good chances of finalizing the unfinished rule book for the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. “Then we can finally deliver, after the agreement six years ago – transparently and comprehensibly,” said Timmermans, who heads the EU delegation, on Thursday. With a view to the negotiations of the approximately 200 participating states in total, he said that he saw a “positive dynamic”.

The majority of the rulebook for the Paris Agreement was already lashed in 2018 at the climate conference in Katowice. However, some more technical agreements are still missing. It is about transparency and verifiability when states report to the UN climate secretariat on their progress in climate protection. Also on the agenda: rules on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. It is about cooperation on climate protection between states or between companies and states. It must be precisely regulated who is allowed to offset reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in order to exclude double bookings.


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