Twin-win certificates – double the chance of a return

This is how twin-win certificates work

TWIN-WIN certificates basically offer you double the chances of winning. Because thanks to the clever product concept, you benefit from both rising and falling prices. This structure is therefore tailored to your investment strategy if you see great potential in an underlying, but expect slight uncertainties in the market.

Twin-win certificates offer you double opportunities: On the one hand, a built-in lever guarantees outperformance from the base price as soon as the underlying asset rises. On the other hand, the twin-win certificate is well prepared thanks to an intelligent security mechanism, even in the event of a possible weak phase in the underlying asset. At the end of the term, this not only absorbs declines down to a certain mark, the so-called PROTECT level, but also lets you earn money from it. Because if the base value never drops from its emission level to the specified PROTECT level or below during the term, you will receive the loss related to the emission level paid out one-to-one as profit at the end of the term.

The payout profile at the end of the term shows, based on the issue level, the disproportionately high chances of profit and participation in price declines, provided that the PROTECT level has never been reached or fallen below.

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