Tax estimate: 179 billion euros more than expected by 2025

Status: 11.11.2021 3:27 p.m.

Despite the corona crisis, the federal, state and local governments can expect significantly more tax income than predicted in the coming years. The tax estimators assume that around 179 billion euros more will flow into the coffers by 2025.

The traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP can expect significantly more tax revenue in the next few years than was forecast in May. The federal government can calculate a total of 71.7 billion euros more in the period from 2021 to 2025. This is the result of the tax estimate by experts presented by the Federal Ministry of Finance. The federal, state and local governments together can even expect additional income of 179 billion euros.

For this year, the plus compared to the last estimate from May is 11.7 billion euros for the federal government, 22.5 billion euros for the federal states and 8.1 billion euros for the municipalities. “The economy is stable and tax revenues are growing again – faster than expected,” said Federal Finance Minister Scholz, who wants to be elected Chancellor in December. “We want to continue supporting the trend with record investments in digitization, research and climate protection.”

The SPD, Greens and FDP are currently negotiating the first traffic light coalition in the federal government. You are modernizing Germany – among other things with massive investments in digitization and climate protection. However, the budgetary situation is tight because of the virus pandemic. This week the Federal Audit Office sounded the alarm and, in view of the high corona debts, called for stronger priorities to be set.

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