ROUNDUP 3: Strong tax plus plays traffic light negotiators in the cards

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – It should be the last big appearance of Olaf Scholz as finance minister – and the likely future chancellor brings a gift for his coalition negotiators. The SPD, Greens and FDP can plan billions more in tax revenues in this legislative period than previously thought. Recently there had been a bit of a crisis in the conversations that had previously seemed harmonious. The Greens in particular were dissatisfied. What does experience tell him: Are compromises easier when you have more money to distribute? “Of course it will be easier,” says Scholz directly.

The negotiators are struggling to find ways to mobilize more funds despite the debt brake, for example through the KfW development bank, public companies or investment companies. For example, a trunk road company could borrow money and rehabilitate the road network. Even the “economic wise men” recently differed in opinion as to whether such a circumvention of the debt brake was sensible or not.

Scholz doesn’t show his cards here either. He visibly enjoys the fact that his negotiators have all been holding tight so far./tam/DP/zb


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