Police and inspectors’ operation deployed for El Buen Fin

Yesterday started El Buen Fin 2021 in Plaza Midtown Jalisco, with the president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, Raúl Uranga Lamadrid, giving the inaugural flag. “In this initiative where we all win, we believe that we can easily exceed 11,800 businesses and points of sale in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, with promotions and discounts, to have a minimum of four thousand 188 million pesos in economic income (The program ends on November 16), which is 5.5% more than what we obtained last year in the city, ”emphasized the Canaco leader.

Although the Board of Health of the Government of Jalisco endorsed that the capacity in shopping centers increase to 80%, while restaurants can be at 90%, he recalled that it is important that citizens follow health regulations.

Present at the inauguration were Sebastián Hernández Méndez, head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) in the Metropolitan Area, as well as Jesús Crespo, Parks’ deputy director of operations, and Rafael Sánchez Archer, administrator of the plaza.

The Profeco It will deploy 47 inspectors in the city and install service modules in shopping malls.

In past editions, the main complaints were for not displaying prices correctly, refusal to deliver guarantees or misleading advertising. For complaints or doubts, they request to call the consumer’s telephone number (800-468-8722).

A Special security operation, which will last until January 6, where 3,213 elements participate of the three levels of Government, including the Army and the National Guard. The municipalities also monitor shopping centers.

Yesterday the event began in Plaza Midtown, led by Sebastián Hernández (Profeco), Raúl Uranga Lamadrid (Canaco), as well as directors of the shopping center: Rafael Sánchez and Jesús Crespo. SPECIAL

Activate Profeco platform to review prices on Good End

For citizens to have a guide on the costs of the products they want to purchase in El Buen Fin, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) launches the “Who’s who in prices” tool, with data broken down by city.

In Guadalajara there are 31 products of different brands in the categories of audio and sound equipment, cameras, kitchen, computers and cell phones, electrical appliances, appliances, television and video. At the national level, costs of 477 products can be consulted (at

For example, a query was made for screens among the best-selling items during promotions and it was found that in Guadalajara the lowest price was 4,859 pesos. In that article, the tool allows you to review six brands with their respective models. And if the consumer wishes, they can check the store they are in.

According to Profeco, this allows us to compare if the offers are real and show the average, highest and lowest price, which are calculated based on the observations made from September 23 to the most recent date of the visit to the establishment. . For Jalisco, information from Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tonalá and San Pedro Tlaquepaque can be analyzed.

Entrepreneurs and merchants from Guadalajara hope that, with the Good End, their sales will be reactivated, so they decided to offer discounts from November 10 to 16 of this year.

Rosa Ochoa, from “Importaciones VG”, a brand that offers legos, funkos and collectibles, says they expect to increase sales between 40% and 70 percent.

Paulina Salinas, from the “Serena Homeware” brand, which is dedicated to making household items made of pigmented concrete, emphasizes that it will be the first year that they participate with discounts. “We are integrated with incredible discounts so that they know more about our brand.”

Eleonora Paredes and Karen Villegas, from the “CosmicSkin” line of skin care products, comment that it is a strategy with which they hope to reach more customers. “We hope to reach more people, who know our products of excellent quality, a local brand, with affordable prices and who fall in love with them.”

Magui Jasso, who makes and decorates personalized craft items such as mugs, notebooks and diaries through “ApplemintCraft”, indicates that it is an excellent time to activate the business. “I hope that people take the opportunity to buy their totally personalized gifts.”

Viridiana Segura, from the Enchantment Store brand, specialized in jewelry, details that it will put a 15% discount to “be able to increase our sales and be present with our clients, to be able to reach more people and have them know and recommend us.”

Yaneth López adds that this season he hopes to get new clients. Through its brand “Love Angel Essences” it sells aromatic essences, essential oils, diffusers and incenses.

Profeco, ready to attend to complaints

The head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, said that electronic commerce “is here to stay,” so he invited small and medium-sized suppliers to give clear offers without deception.

He recalled that the agency will be deployed in the most important points of sale in the country and will be ready to receive complaints and claims from consumers, who may also go to present their complaint to the 38 Consumer Defense Offices (Odeco).

Last year, Odeco in Guadalajara reported the highest recovery amount that Profeco has made since the Good End was established, adding more than 946 thousand pesos in favor of consumers.

For this edition The consumer’s telephone number (55-5568-8722 and the number 800-468-8722) will be made available, as well as the Concilianet (via internet) and Conciliaexprés (telephone call) systems.




The Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism trusted that the economic spill exceeds 239 billion pesos in the country. EFE / C. Ramirez


Profeco suggests to consumers:

  • Make informed purchases.
  • Create a budget.
  • Make a list of needs.
  • Compare prices.
  • Review offers and promotions.
  • Check the availability of the product.
  • Review delivery times, conditions and costs.
  • Request and save proof of purchase and payment.
  • Consult the exchange or return policies and the validity to make them valid.

To suppliers:

  • Provide accurate, clear, truthful and verifiable information.
  • Respect the prices displayed as well as the offers and promotions.
  • Display the total amount to be paid in a conspicuous and visible way.
  • Avoid selling out-of-stock products.
  • Clearly indicate the forms of payment.
  • Deliver proof of purchase.
  • Avoid misleading advertising.
  • Respect terms, conditions and policies of exchanges or returns.
  • Inform your physical address, telephone numbers and means to which you can go to file claims or clarifications.


Eight out of 10 expect to buy

Jesús Pérez tells that he plans to buy items on the Good End, if he does not decide to go with his cousins ​​to “Black Friday” of sales in the United States.

“I want to buy appliances and a speaker, which will be my Christmas present. And I have a niece who was just born last March and I want to give her clothes and maybe some games for when she is older, if it is worth the price. Also gifts for my parents. Let’s see what I can find for them ”.

He says that last year he bought sportswear and it was cheaper.

For her part, Sandra Álvarez explains that she plans to buy a cell phone and perhaps some gifts for Christmas, such as toys, clothes or shoes. “Yes, I checked the prices before and I am waiting for them to come out with a discount or promotions. I’m also going to buy some dermatological creams. I’ll see if it’s cheaper for me ”.

He details that in 2020 he only acquired material for swimming.

“I buy what I need, as long as I find it cheaper. Since this started I have compared prices, I am a mother and aunt, so because it is close to Christmas I have sometimes taken advantage of all the offers ”.

Eight out of 10 respondents declare that they are interested in buying products and services during the 2021 edition, mainly people between 18 and 34 years old, according to the report of the Mexican Association of Online Sales.

According to the analysis, unlike what was experienced in 2020 with the pandemic, the user who has an interest in buying plans to acquire their products and services in a combined way; that is, when going to a physical store and online.

In general, the main reasons for buying during the campaign are related to taking advantage of offers and discounts, followed by a perception that a wide variety of products and services are offered.

“Among the reasons for not acquiring a product or service during the Good End results from the respondents declaring that the offers and promotions are not so attractive, followed by a lack of budget and the uncertainty of income due to the pandemic,” says the analysis.

Despite the pandemic, they expect a greater economic spill

Now that there are fewer restrictions due to the pandemic, they expect better sales this year, said the president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco), Héctor Tejada Shaar.

At the press conference held from the National Palace, He trusted that the economic spill exceeds 239 billion pesos. Last year, they reported that the spill was 238.9 billion pesos.

“We have better health conditions thanks to the vaccination campaign. Practically most of our country has the conditions to have sufficient capacity in our shopping centers, in our markets, in our stores, in our stores ”.

The businessman recalled that during his journey of more than 25 thousand kilometers throughout the country, he held meetings with more than five thousand business leaders, who expressed the importance of boosting the economy.

“The main concern is the economic reactivation after the crisis generated by COVID-19 since last year.”

The leader of the Commerce, Services and Tourism sector thanked the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for the dissemination of positive actions for economic growth.

He invited him to continue working in unity for the development and well-being of all Mexicans.

For his part, López Obrador guaranteed “coordinated work” between the Government and Concanaco. “It is very important to participate in this promotion, it will undoubtedly be very successful because, as the Concanaco leader has expressed, there are unbeatable conditions”.

The Good End will end on November 16. EFE / C. Ramirez


Rise in prices

In October, Guadalajara presented an increase in prices of 6.8% at an annual rate, higher than that of the previous month of 6.65%. Thus, it added 14 consecutive months with increases and being higher than the national rate.

In the case of Tepatitlan, the annual inflation of October was 7.18%, Percentage lower than that observed in the previous month of 7.23%, according to an analysis of the Institute of Statistical and Geographical Information.

The Jalisco Consumer Confidence Indicator was 38.93 points, which implies a monthly variation of 0.08 points or 0.22%, with an annual variation of 6.68 points or 20.70%, reported Augusto Valencia, head of the Institute of Statistical and Geographical Information of Jalisco.

With respect to February 2020, which is the prepandemic reference, there is a variation of -2.91 points or -6.96%. This information was obtained through a telephone survey of 602 households in the Entity from October 15 to 28, 2021.

Mireya Pasillas Torres, director of Economic and Financial Statistical Information, pointed out that of the five sub-indices that are measured, three increased in October compared to the previous month.

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