Inadmissible increase in advance payments? Web agency checks

COLOGNE / BONN (dpa-AFX) – According to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), an electricity and gas supplier from Cologne is suspected of having improperly increased advance payments. A supervisory procedure had been initiated against the energy supplier, the authority announced on Thursday in Bonn. “We are checking whether the company has made increases in advance payments that the law does not allow,” said BNetzA President Jochen Homann, according to a statement. It is about payments on account for both gas and electricity.

There is a suspicion that the “Rheinische Elektrizitäts- und Gasversorgungsgesellschaft mbH” has made increases in advance payments that do not meet the requirements of energy law. The basis are complaints from consumers, particularly with regard to the behavior of the “Immergrün” brand at the Federal Network Agency. The company could not be reached for a comment on Thursday afternoon after an oral and written request.

According to the authority, the company had sent letters on October 22nd and 23rd to increase advance payments. The increase was justified, among other things, with increased procurement costs. “However, an increase in payments on account for this reason is not permitted,” said the Federal Network Agency.

If an advance payment is agreed, it must be based on the consumption of the previous billing period or the average consumption of comparable customers. “All energy suppliers must adhere to this regulation.” / Tob / DP / eas

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