Financial sector: Stock exchange manager Alexandra Hachmeister joins the Bundesbank

Alexandra Hachmeister

After more than 20 years at Deutsche Börse, the manager is moving to Deutsche Bundesbank. (Photo: Deutsche Börse)

Frankfurt Alexandra Hachmeister surprised everyone. When the 46-year-old turned her back on Deutsche Börse at the end of July after more than 20 years, nobody in her environment expected that the energetic manager would be hired by a long-established authority a few months later.

But that’s exactly how it happened now. As of January, Hachmeister will take over the management of the central area of ​​economic education, universities and international central bank dialogue at the Deutsche Bundesbank. It is therefore one level below the Executive Board and is responsible for around 250 employees.

It is very rare for a top manager from the private sector to take on such a job. Most of the 14 other central division heads had previously worked for the Frankfurt Central Bank for many years.

Hachmeister studied at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel and did his doctorate in the field of market microstructure. At Deutsche Börse, she started in the Xetra cash market segment, later she was responsible for the further development of the systems and the support of the management bodies and committees.

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In 2016 she was promoted to Chief Regulatory Officer, during which time she dealt with the consequences of Brexit, among other things. During this time, Hachmeister also had regular dealings with her new boss, Burkhard Balz. At that time, the CDU politician was not yet on the Bundesbank executive board, but as a member of the European Parliament and coordinator of the EPP parliamentary group in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, he was an important interlocutor for the financial sector.

Close contact with science

In her new job, Hachmeister will, among other things, be responsible for the training and further education of the workforce, for example on the subject of digitization, as well as for the Bundesbank University in Hachenburg in the Westerwald. These topics suit her, after all, Hachmeister also kept in touch with science as a stock exchange manager. As a guest lecturer, she spoke about market structure and regulation at the universities in Frankfurt, Basel and Stockholm.

Many in Frankfurt hope that the Bundesbank under Hachmeister will also place more emphasis on public financial education. “The Bundesbank has great experts and excellent material, but so far it has often not brought its PS in this area onto the streets,” says an insider.

In her new job, Hachmeister will also be responsible for exchanges with other central banks and for the Bundesbank’s foreign representations. During her travels, she will meet many people with whom she has already exchanged ideas as a stock exchange manager.

Hachmeister was most recently in charge of the data and regulatory services business at Germany’s largest stock exchange operator. She is unlikely to improve financially as a result of her move to the Bundesbank. In the future, however, she will be able to concentrate more on topics that have long been close to her heart.

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