FDP leader Lindner rejects SPD initiative to increase inheritance tax

BERLIN (Dow Jones) – FDP chairman Christian Lindner is sticking to the schedule for the formation of a traffic light coalition with the election of Olaf Scholz (SPD) as Federal Chancellor in the week from December 6th. “The FDP can make its contribution to the timely clarification of all disputed points,” said Lindner in a world interview at the end of the work of the 22 negotiating teams, the results of which are now to be brought together by the party leaders. However, he could not speak for the Greens and the SPD. The Greens had recently questioned the timetable.

Lindner underlined that the FDP would not agree to the increase in inheritance tax brought into play by SPD chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans. “Inheritance is not an income without performance, but rather the performance of the predecessor, which has congealed into property and has previously been taxed many times,” said the FDP boss. The inheritance tax does not appear in the exploratory paper of the traffic light in a list of taxes that should not be increased. The interpretation that it could therefore be increased is “wrong”, according to Lindner.

He pointed out that high inheritances are usually business assets: “An increase in the burden would mean that the family-run businesses would have to surrender part of their equity to the tax authorities with each generation change, while the publicly listed companies would never have to give them up No responsible politician can want such a disadvantage for the middle class. ”

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November 11, 2021 15:02 ET (20:02 GMT)

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