Erste Group share firmer: BlackRock increases shares in Erste Group after exiting CAIXA

The US investor BlackRock has increased its stake in Erste Group.

The company now holds 5.09 percent of Erste shares, as the bank announced in a mandatory publication on Thursday. Before that, BlackRock held 4.16 percent of the shares. This reveals more and more who got a piece of the pie at Erste Group after the exit of the Spanish CAIXABANK. The Spaniards had sold their 9.9 percent stake at the beginning of November.

With the increased Blackrock stake, around 10 percent of Erste Group now belongs to US investment companies. On Tuesday evening it became known that the Wellington Management Group had bought into Erste Group with just over 5 percent.

One of the core shareholders, Wiener Städtische Wechselseiten Versicherungsverein – the main shareholder of the Vienna Insurance Group – had also increased its stake in the bank. The club now holds over 4.08 percent. Other important owners are, above all, the Erste Foundation and the savings bank group, together with Wiener Städtische Wechselseiten Versicherungsverein, the core shareholders linked in a syndicate hold around 21.8 percent.

CAIXABANK was also linked to the Austrian core shareholders in the syndicate agreement. With the sale of the CAIXA shares, the syndicate no longer has a blocking minority at the bank.

Erste Group Bank shares in Vienna on Thursday rose 2.14 percent to 41.44 euros.

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Image source: Pavel Kapysh /, Erste Group /, Christian Wind

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