Deutsche Telekom shares: Telekom wants to increase dividend for 2021 to 64 cents


Good news for investors: Deutsche Telekom wants to increase the dividend more than experts had expected.

(Photo: Reuters)

Düsseldorf Deutsche Telekom plans to distribute four cents more dividend per share for the current financial year than for 2020. The management board is planning, subject to the approval of the supervisory board, to propose a dividend of EUR 0.64 per share to the annual general meeting, the company announced on Thursday evening.

For 2020, Telekom had paid 0.60 euros. At Telekom, the dividend is based on adjusted earnings per share, and this value should increase from 1.20 euros in the 2020 financial year to more than 1.75 euros by 2024.

The planned total dividend for 2021 is 3.19 billion euros, compared with 2.85 billion euros for the 2020 financial year. On Friday, the group plans to publish figures for the third quarter.

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