CORRECTION: Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer for the cancellation of Christmas markets

(The following indirect Kretschmer quote in the first paragraph has been removed without replacement: “The federal and state governments would have to make the decision for local politicians and market operators.” RTL / ntv corrected its own interview analysis from the morning accordingly.)

DRESDEN (dpa-AFX) – Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has called for the cancellation of Christmas markets in view of a drastic increase in new corona infections. “You can’t imagine standing at the Christmas market, drinking mulled wine and everything in the hospitals is over and you’re fighting for the last resources,” he said on Thursday in the program “Frühstart” on RTL / ntv.

If the infection dynamics continue until November 25th as in the past two weeks, that would be a terrible development, said Kretschmer. “The child has already fallen into the well. Now it’s a matter of getting it out.” He criticized again that the SPD, Greens and FDP want to let the epidemic emergency run out: “How can a traffic light coalition come up with the idea of ​​telling the population that it is over.”

According to a report by the Chemnitz “Free Press” on Thursday, Saxony’s government is trying to get local authorities to forego the Christmas markets. Nevertheless, they would not have wanted to support an appeal and refused to join forces.

The Cities and Municipalities Day in Saxony therefore pointed out that the government’s proposal contradicts its own concept. For months she has been emphasizing that Christmas markets could take place even if the so-called bed brakes in Saxony’s hospitals should be reached. “The municipalities have relied on this course for their long-term preparations,” said association manager Mischa Woitscheck. In a joint statement, twelve mayors and mayors advertised the Christmas markets on Wednesday and demanded uniform rules.

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