Comment: High incidences, low vaccination numbers: Söder’s record as a corona crisis manager is meager

Markus Söder

The Bavarian Prime Minister has declared a disaster due to the rising corona numbers.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin As the top representative of the “Caution Team”, Markus Söder has always stood out nationwide with advice and criticism since the beginning of the pandemic. For a long time, the Bavarian Prime Minister managed to attach himself to the image of the gripping Corona crisis manager, which also paid off in terms of its popularity.

In the fourth wave, however, it now seems to have finally worn off. It is becoming more and more apparent that there is a wide gap between claims and reality. Söder has declared another disaster in Bavaria. After Saxony and Thuringia, his federal state has to contend with the highest incidences in Germany; in some districts it is beyond the 1000 limit.

What many find at Söder: The gloomy Bavarian balance sheet does not cause humility. Instead, the Bavarian Prime Minister likes to criticize others, most recently the likely future Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whom he accuses of diving into the corona crisis. Last year he was happy to give advice to colleagues in the Prime Minister’s office, even though the situation in Bavaria was no better.

Söder did not manage to convince the Bavarians sufficiently to vaccinate

It is this habitus and less the situation in Bavaria, which is why Söder is now being assessed more and more critically. The infection process in a federal state only has to do with the prime minister and the state government to a limited extent. In the case of Bavaria, the border with Austria plays a major role, in the neighboring country the incidence is 700. Bavaria cannot decouple from this in view of the brisk border traffic.

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What Söder has to face: He did not manage to convince the Bavarian population sufficiently to vaccinate, the vaccination rate is one of the lowest of all federal states. This is also informative beyond Bavaria: The sometimes shrill Corona alarm calls from the Prime Minister obviously do not have the desired effect on those who are skeptical about a vaccination.

Now it is supposed to address a 2G regulation. Söder wants that nationwide. The call for the federal government is also an expression of the country’s own problems.

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