Charged in Sweden for aiding and abetting war crimes in Sudan

STOCKHOLM (dpa-AFX) – Two top executives from a Swedish oil company are being prosecuted in the Scandinavian country for alleged aiding and abetting serious war crimes in Sudan. After years of preliminary investigations, the Swedish public prosecutor has decided to indict the two, as the prosecutors announced on Thursday. The two are suspected of having been complicit in war crimes committed by the then Sudanese regime in the years 1999 to 2003 in order to secure the oil activities of their company in the southern part of the African country.

The investigation into the case had been going on for eleven years. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the two defendants had a decisive influence on the operation of their company in Sudan. In connection with the indictment, demands are also made to seize the equivalent of almost 140 million euros from the group. This corresponds to the equivalent of the profit the company made from the sale of its Sudan business in 2003.

The company, then called Lundin Oil and now called Lundin Energy, said there was no basis for the charges. The two top representatives decidedly denied the allegations that they had the full support of the company’s management. The decision of the public prosecutor’s office was incomprehensible, one of the two was quoted in a corporate communication./trs/DP/eas

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