Accused ex-wind power entrepreneur admits fraud

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OSNABRÜCK (dpa-AFX) – In the process of fake wind power projects, one of the main defendants admitted fraudulent acts. It was ultimately indifferent to his contractual partners whether the projects were actually implemented, said the 31-year-old entrepreneur from the Emsland region on Thursday in the Osnabrück district court. At the same time, the demand from large energy companies for projects has been extremely high in recent years. However, the difficulties in implementation have grown steadily.

Five defendants have had to answer before the regional court since the end of August. They are said to have deceived energy companies with forged documents about the existence of wind farms and to have marketed these non-existent projects. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the damage should amount to around ten million euros. In the event of a confession, the chamber had promised an understanding. (Ref .: 2 KLs 1/21)

The money from the air business was used to finance his vehicle fleet – his family had several luxury cars – and salaries. The rest was in accounts abroad, including in Andorra. When the presiding judge asked what happened to this money, the 31-year-old said: “All of that has been used up.”

The trial will continue next Tuesday – then his siblings and his mother, who are also accused, will want to comment. The co-managing director and “fatherly friend” of the defendant did not want to say anything at first, said his lawyer./eks/DP/zb


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