USA: AP and CNN: Democrat Adams becomes New York City’s new mayor

New York According to predictions, the Democrat Eric Adams will become the 110th mayor of the US metropolis New York City. The 61-year-old former district mayor of Brooklyn prevailed in the vote in the city of eight million on Tuesday against his Republican opponent Curtis Sliwa, as the news agency AP and the broadcaster CNN reported.

Adams will be the second black head of New York City from January and successor to the rather unpopular Bill de Blasio, who was no longer allowed to run as mayor after two terms in office.

Adams was considered a moderate candidate who wants to lead the highest office with a course between left and centrist forces. In addition to the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic – which killed more than 30,000 New Yorkers – one of Adam’s toughest tasks is likely to be dealing with the police properly.

In the election campaign he had promised a balance between his rather friendly position towards the often criticized emergency services and justice, especially for blacks in the face of structural racism.

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Adams was a former police officer himself and, unlike some New Yorkers, is opposed to the huge $ 6 billion budget cut by the New York City Police Department (NYPD). He sees the fight against crime as one of his most important tasks. In addition to security, the future mayor also promised measures against overpriced housing, investments in schools and 480 kilometers of new bicycle lanes during the election campaign.

In the USA, New York City is also more important politically than other cities, as it is considered a benchmark for progressive politics. In the liberal stronghold, Adam’s victory over Sliwa was almost a formality.

In addition to the office of mayor, the new head of the district attorney’s office and new members of the city council were appointed in New York on Tuesday. A number of possible constitutional amendments were also decided – including one for the right to pure air, clean water and a healthy environment. There were initially no results there.

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