Permutive raises $75 million in investment… Emerging as a privacy-centric infrastructure for programmatic advertising

London/New York–(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) November 03, 2021 — Permutive has raised $75 million from SoftBank Vision Fund 2 in a Series C funding round.

Permutive is a targeted audience platform for publishers and advertisers, enabling media commerce while keeping personal information safe.

With this, the total amount of investment that Permutive has raised so far has increased to $105 million. Previous investors EQT Ventures, Octopus Ventures and ACE & Company also participated in this round of investment. Using the investment as a stepping stone, Permutive plans to develop patented on-device technology and expand the ‘Audience Platform’ to build a world-class privacy-first infrastructure for programmatic advertising. Currently, the programmatic advertising industry is worth $155 billion.

Privacy has been playing an important role in sustaining digital advertising for more than a decade. However, misuse of personal information has come to the attention of regulators and consumers. This awakening triggered a shift in the center of gravity from adtech-owned programmatic advertising to publisher-owned apps that prioritize privacy. Permutive’s audience platform has grown 20-fold in two years. The platform allows publishers to use consented first-party data, but without violating privacy, to provide a personalized advertising experience. Reputable publishers in Europe and Northern Europe are Permutive’s main clients, including News Corp, Hearst, BuzzFeed, Penske, Future plc and The Guardian. , Vox Media, Insider, Hubert Burda Media and Condé Nast International are also using Permutive.

“Publishers are the foundation of the web, and their relationship with users is the backbone of digital advertising,” said Joe Root, CEO and co-founder of Permutative. “As the center of gravity of the Internet economy is shifting to the publisher-owned web with privacy, a privacy-first infrastructure will enable the next version of digital advertising to grow and thrive without being impacted by privacy disruptions,” he said. will do,” he said.

Advertisers can make purchases directly from publishers. Because publishers are a reliable foundation for data-driven advertising and a trusted partner when exploring the impact of browser changes and enforcing privacy regulations. But without the infrastructure to support the transition to publisher-owned, privacy-first apps, the industry is constrained to scale. Permutive has built a new model for digital advertising with privacy as its core. In this model, publishers and advertisers can plan and purchase campaigns while owning and controlling the data. This brings transparency, scale and privacy to programmatic advertising for the first time.

“The privacy-first web requires unique technology,” said Max Ohrstrand, an investor at SoftBank Investment Advisers. “Permutive, a leader in on-device technology, is We can overcome this and create a future where personal information is safely protected.” “Permutative technology is running on more than 1 billion devices per month worldwide,” he said.

Permutive’s funding came at a time when the digital advertising industry was at an inflection point. Developing a privacy-first infrastructure built to protect user privacy can bring credibility, transparency and efficiency to programmatic advertising spending.

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About Permutive

Permutive is building new data from programmatic advertising to protect privacy. Permutive is the only ‘audience platform’ built on patented on-device technology and privacy-preserving technology, enabling premium advertisers and publishers to plan, build and activate cohorts while keeping everyone’s data safe. do.

Permutive is working with customers in Europe and North America. Newscorp, Hearst, BuzzFeed, Pensk Media, Future, The Guardian, Vox Media, Insider, Hubert Burda Media, Conde Nast International and others are using Permutive.

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