Association: The next federal government must strengthen local rail transport

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – More money, more electrified routes and a better developed infrastructure: As an important component in the fight against the climate crisis, the pro-rail interest group is calling for the next federal government to strengthen regional and S-Bahn traffic in Germany. “The vision of climate-neutral mobility in local rail transport is no longer a utopia, it is within reach,” explained Managing Director Dirk Flege. “The railways will soon be the first motorized mode of transport to become completely CO2-free.”

According to the Pro-Rail Alliance, local rail transport accounts for around 95 percent of all rail journeys in Germany. Up until the Corona crisis, the number of passengers had risen steadily. In the pandemic, however, the transport companies lost billions, which were offset twice by the federal and state governments with higher regionalization funds. Alongside ticket revenues, these public funds are the most important source of finance for companies.

Allianz pro Schiene supports calls for a significant increase in annual subsidies through regionalization funds. Most recently, the Association of Towns and Municipalities called for this to be increased from the current EUR 9 billion by EUR 1.5 billion per year.

Passengers are also asked to pay more. A dpa evaluation of decisions on the upcoming price round in the coming year had shown that, depending on the transport association, the average tariff increases by up to 5.5 percent./maa/DP/stk

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