SHARE IN FOCUS: Tesla boss irritates investors – record rally interrupted

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The record rally of the past few days was interrupted for the time being on Tuesday at Tesla. The day before, the shares – adjusted for stock splits – had traded above the $ 1200 mark for the first time, and now they fell by three percent. Tesla boss Elon Musk caused the confusion with a tweet about a big deal with the car rental company Hertz (Hertz Global).

The order of 100,000 electric cars by the car rental company had fueled the record rally the previous week – and put Tesla in the league of companies with a market valuation of one trillion dollars. Musk now unsettled investors with the Twitter message that no contract had yet been signed. Hertz, on the other hand, confirmed that they had placed an initial order. “The delivery of the Teslas has already started,” said a Hertz spokesman on Tuesday.

Musk responded with the statement to a tweet in which he was thanked for the recent sharp rise in the share price. He had previously tried to relativize the importance of the deal. Among other things, he called it on Twitter “strange” that the news had moved the course – because Tesla had no demand problem, but could not ramp up production fast enough. Musk also emphasized that there would be no discount for Hertz.

Tesla shares had risen significantly since mid-October and, after a lean period of several months, rose above the then old record of $ 900. Since then, there has been no stopping the share, about a third of which has been saddled up since then. “The Tesla share is running and running. So well that the boss Elon Musk was forced to take some euphoria out of the course again,” said market observer Jürgen Molnar from the broker Robomarkets.

“What remains, however, is the e-car manufacturer’s good business,” added the expert. It is very noteworthy that, in contrast to conventional car manufacturers, Tesla does not seem to be affected by the current supply chain problems, the expert added. Against this background, Tesla had recently presented strong figures for the third quarter./tih/lew/he

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