ROUNDUP: Skepticism about plans to stop deforestation at UN climate conference

GLASGOW (dpa-AFX) – Experts received the announced plans to stop deforestation by 2030 at the UN climate summit in Glasgow with some skepticism. A similar statement from 2014 proved completely ineffective, said Simon Lewis, a climate and forest expert from University College London, told the BBC on Tuesday. “It is good news that so many countries are politically committed to ending deforestation and that significant resources are available to move forward along that path,” said Lewis. The world was at this point years ago.

The new agreement also does not address the problem of the growing demand for products such as meat that are produced in cleared rainforest areas. To this end, the high meat consumption in countries like the USA and Great Britain must be addressed, added Lewis.

The ecologist Nigel Sizer of the World Resources Institute (WRI) called the agreement a “big deal”, but said that the target of an end to deforestation by 2030 could be perceived as “disappointing”. According to WWF Germany, the announcement by the heads of state and government points in the right direction. However, this must be “secured quickly with binding agreements”, warned the WWF program manager, Susanne Winter, who is responsible for the forest issue. Otherwise the initiative threatens to “fail like others before it”.

More than 100 states have pledged in Glasgow to stop the destruction of forests and other landscapes by the end of the decade. The participating countries, including Germany and the entire EU, represent 85 percent of the world’s forest area, i.e. around 34 million square kilometers. Also included are the countries with the largest forests of all, i.e. Canada, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia as well as China, Norway and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

According to this, around 12 billion US dollars (around 10.3 billion euros) in public funds will be mobilized for the project by 2025. In addition, there are 7.2 billion US dollars in private investments./cmy/DP/jha

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