ROUNDUP 2: Fares for buses and trains are increasing sharply in some cases

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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Not only fuel and food are becoming more expensive. Many people in Germany will soon have to pay extra for bus and train travel. In winter, prices rise not only in long-distance transport, but also in local transport in numerous regions. As a result, many daily trips are sometimes significantly more expensive: Depending on the transport association, the average tariff increases by up to 5.5 percent. This emerges from resolutions on the upcoming price round at the turn of the year, which the German Press Agency has evaluated. Elsewhere, on the other hand, prices do not change at all.

For trips outside of associations, Deutsche Bahn had announced a tariff surcharge of 1.7 percent. In long-distance transport, it will increase fares on December 12 by an average of 1.9 percent.

But passengers don’t have to dig deeper into their pockets everywhere. Nothing will change in the local transport of Bremen, its environs in Lower Saxony as well as in Berlin and Brandenburg. Bremer can even look forward to the second clear round in a row. These transport associations cite an argument that others expressly use for price increases: the decrease in passengers in the corona pandemic. They want to get customers back on buses and trains with stable prices.

To this end, more flexible ticket and subscription models are being worked on in some places, for example in Leipzig, Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder), in Baden-Württemberg and on the Rhine and Ruhr. Because the transport companies expect that some of the people will work at home from time to time even after the pandemic and that buses and trains will only be needed on a daily basis. / Bf / DP / jha


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