Profeco: Warn about men’s boxers for breaking this rule

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) warned about three brands of boxers for men that should stop being displayed on the shelves, for having lower fiber content and not complying with the regulations that apply to them.

In the quality study of the Profeco Magazine of November 2021, 20 models of 14 brands some of which are made from 100% cotton and others from blends with different types of synthetic fibers artificial and cotton.

There are three models that do not meet the fiber content they claim to have on the label, so by having more than 3% difference in content, they do not comply with the applicable rule, so they will be immobilized, that is, their sale will be prohibited until they adhere to the regulations. For example, Zaga Boxer Shorts T2550ZGP “differs by more than 3% from the value marked on its label.” Despite this, Profeco rated it as a Very Good product.

George, seamless figures, which “presented a minor defect, excess fabric in stitching seams”, in addition to failing to comply with the fiber content by having 3% less than the fiber content declared on the label, however, got a rating of Very Good.

Skyni, boxer basic 73093, obtained a general evaluation of MB, however, “it does not comply in fiber content, since it declares on its label to contain polyamide and presented polyester”.

Other brands that had excess fabric in seam stitching were: Dockers Fruit of the loom, George and Polo; however, it It does not mean breaking the norm, it is only a “minor defect”.

The brands that obtained an “Excellent” rating were: Wilson, Levi’s, Fruit of the Loom. While with Very good there are Twins, Everlast, Weekend, Hanes, Long boxer shorts T2548ZPE, Rinbros, Wilson, Puma, Polo.

Rated “Good” are Docker, Polo, Everlast T3610EVA and Fruit of the Loom 97043.



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