POLITICS: Trouble about leaked SMS in the Franco-Australian submarine dispute

PARIS (dpa-AFX) – In the submarine dispute between France and Australia, the publication of an SMS allegedly sent by President Emmanuel Macron to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has caused new trouble. Publishing a text message from a head of state to a head of government was “an inelegant and unacceptable way of expressing it politely,” said Macron on Tuesday. “That does not correspond to the level of a head of government.” The leak is a “last desperate attempt” by Morrisons to save his honor.

Australian media had previously posted a text message allegedly asking Macron Morrison if he should expect “good or bad news” about their shared submarine ambitions. The message, the authenticity of which Macron’s environment did not want to comment, is said to have been sent by the President in September. Two days later, the United States, Great Britain and Australia announced their new security alliance for the South Pacific, which broke a multi-billion dollar submarine deal between France and Australia. Paris reacted extremely angry, criticized the lack of agreements and most recently accused Morrison of lying.

In the Australian media, it was speculated that Canberra wanted to use the leaked SMS to prove that France knew in advance that the deal might collapse. Macron’s circle countered: “We didn’t know. The Australians betrayed us.” The SMS just showed that Paris was not up to date. US President Joe Biden apologized for the clumsy approach, it said. On the other hand, no regrets come from Australia./vio/DP/mis

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