Biden: China’s absence from climate summit was ‘big mistake’

GLASGOW (dpa-AFX) – The Chinese leadership has harmed itself by staying away from the world climate summit in Glasgow, according to US President Joe Biden. “I think it was a big mistake, quite frankly,” said Biden on Tuesday evening at his final press conference at Summit. China missed the chance to influence people all over the world on the fundamental issue of climate protection. The absence of President Xi Jinping also does not fit in with the global leadership role that China is aiming for. The same applies to Russia – President Vladimir Putin also did not come to the climate summit.

When asked, Biden said he did not anticipate a physical conflict with China. In previous talks with Xi, he had made it clear that the relationship between the two countries was a competition, not a conflict. There is still no date for a planned online summit with Xi.

Biden was at the G20 summit in Rome before the climate conference in Glasgow – Putin and Xi also stayed away from this meeting in the Italian capital. The leading economic powers could not agree on ambitious common climate goals there. Biden then blamed China and Russia for the disappointment of many climate activists with the decisions of the G20 summit. Biden wanted to travel back to Washington on Tuesday evening./cy/DP/he

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