State Court of Justice: Corona special assets unconstitutional in Hesse

WIESBADEN (dpa-AFX) – The multi-billion Corona special fund of the State of Hesse is unconstitutional. That was decided by the Hessian State Court in Wiesbaden. The budgetary authority had been exceeded, the court justified its decision on Wednesday. There would have been other forms of crisis management. The law on special assets is incompatible with the state constitution.

The state’s loan-financed special fund has a total volume of twelve billion euros. The purpose of the special fund is to mitigate the consequences of the corona crisis. The loans can be taken out until the end of 2023, for example to offset tax losses for the state and municipalities. Members of the parliamentary groups of the SPD and FDP had submitted a norm review application to the State Court of Justice in November 2020 against the corresponding law “Secure Hesse’s good future”, the AfD parliamentary group in March of this year./glb/DP/jha

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