ECJ: Poland should pay a daily fine of millions

Status: 27.10.2021 1.30 p.m.

Poland has been ignoring judgments of the European Court of Justice against its own judicial reform for months. That could be expensive now: Poland is supposed to pay one million euros for every day that the ECJ ruling continues to be disregarded.

The European Court of Justice is taking tough action against Poland: The country is supposed to pay one million euros every day if it does not recognize the decisions of the highest European court to uphold the rule of law.

The verdict targets the judicial reform that the Polish government has been pushing for months. The heart of this reform is the so-called disciplinary body, which can take action against judges and lawyers and even order their dismissal. From the point of view of the ECJ, this approach violates the independence of the judiciary provided for by EU law.

The EU Commission had called for a penalty

The dispute over compliance with the rule of law between the EU and Poland has been smoldering for a long time, but had reached a new level of escalation at the beginning of the month. The background to this was the decision by the Polish Constitutional Court that EU law was partially incompatible with the constitution of one’s own country. In these cases, national law takes precedence over that of the EU.

The EU Commission had also repeatedly threatened Poland with sanctions as a result of this ruling. The EU Commission also called for a financial penalty for Poland for implementing the judicial reform.

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