‘Dreamliner’ problems wreak havoc on Boeing’s quarterly loss

CHICAGO (dpa-AFX) – Problems with the “Dreamliner” long-haul jets cost the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing dearly. The necessary rework and the reduced production should cost around a billion US dollars (862 million euros), the Airbus rival (Airbus SE (ex EADS)) announced in Chicago on Wednesday. This is one of the reasons why Boeing slipped back into the red in the third quarter: the bottom line was a loss of $ 132 million after a loss of $ 466 million a year earlier. In the second quarter, Boeing had made a profit for the first time since 2019. Analysts had expected black numbers on average this time as well.

In the third quarter, the “Dreamliner” problems had a negative impact of $ 183 million. Boeing continues to speak to the US aviation authority FAA, according to the information, to clarify the conditions for a resumption of deliveries. The manufacturer currently only builds two machines of this type per month. As soon as deliveries are possible again, production should increase to five machines again. After the lifting of flight bans, production of the medium-haul jet 737 Max is still at a low level with 19 planes per month. It should continue to climb to 31 copies in early 2022./stw/jha/

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