Bitcoin, Ether, and Solana: Bitcoin drops below the $ 60,000 mark

Experts remain optimistic that the most important cryptocurrency is heading for a new record high. On Tuesday Bitcoin fell slightly below the $ 57,000 mark. But the April record, which stood at around $ 63,500, remains within our grasp.

Since its low in July, the price of the digital coin has risen by more than 90 percent. The recent rally in tokens such as Bitcoin contrasts with the turbulence in stocks, bonds and gold, which recently reflected the nervousness of investors with a view to rising capital market rates worldwide.

For fear of a further rise in inflation, however, investors have recently been fleeing not only in cryptocurrencies. Traditional values ​​such as precious metals are also in demand again: The price for the troy ounce Gold hung up on Tuesday easily 1755 Dollar.

Expect crypto experts new record highs for Bitcoin. Vijay Ayyar, head of the Asia-Pacific region at the Luno crypto exchange, names possible levels from $ 80,000 to $ 85,000. Chart technicians derive opportunities for Bitcoin from what is known as an inverse head-shoulder formation of the price. According to them, the price can go up to around $ 79,000. Ayyar von Luno recognizes a level of 50,000 dollars as the short-term lower limit.

At the same time, however, prominent Bitcoin critics speak out: JPMorgan-Chase-Chef Jamie Dimon expects that digital assets will also be subject to government regulation in the foreseeable future. “No matter what anyone in this room thinks about what any libertarians or anyone else thinks about it: The government will regulate it“, Said Dimon at the virtual annual general meeting of the worldwide banking association IIF. Dimon reiterated his personal view that Bitcoin was “worthless”. He still wants to offer customers who “disagree” “legal access that is as clean as possible”.

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