AUDI builds battery competence center in Neckarsulm

AUDI wants to set up a competence center for electric car batteries in Neckarsulm (Heilbronn district).

A multifunctional building with workshops, testing facilities and offices should be built by 2022, as the Volkswagen subsidiary announced on Wednesday. Prototypes for new batteries should be researched and tested there by 2023 at the latest. First the “Heilbronn Voice” reported about it.

According to the newspaper, the automaker plans to invest a total of 500 million to 600 million euros in the plant in the coming years. “With this decision we are driving the expansion of strategically important competencies for electromobility in Neckarsulm,” the newspaper quoted the responsible board member Oliver Hoffmann. However, this does not create new jobs. Employees from technical development are to be further qualified for battery development, as a company spokeswoman further explained. Around 16,000 people work in Neckarsulm.

AUDI is already developing high-voltage batteries for plug-in hybrids in Neckarsulm. These are cars whose batteries can be charged via the internal combustion engine as well as via the power grid. Now the development of the entire high-voltage battery area for electric cars will be concentrated at the location and will be expanded there step by step.

From 2026, AUDI intends to bring new models to the market only with electric drive and phase out the production of cars with internal combustion engines by 2033. According to AUDI, the share of all-electric vehicles in total deliveries was 3.3 percent in the first half of the year (previous year: 2.7 percent).



Image source: Gustavo Fadel /, Vytautas Kielaitis /, bondvit /

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