Insurance Association: Thieves steal fewer cars – but more expensive

Status: 10/21/2021 11:56 a.m.

Last year, 10,697 cars were stolen in Germany – 25 percent less than in 2019. According to the GDV insurance association, however, increasingly expensive models are stolen. The risk of theft is particularly high in Berlin.

According to the insurers, significantly fewer cars were stolen in Germany last year than in 2019. A total of 10,697 cars were reported as stolen in 2020 – 25 percent fewer than in the previous year, as the Association of German Insurance Companies (GDV) announced.

The latest vehicle theft report also shows that fewer cars were stolen, but more expensive models. Accordingly, the damage to the stolen rose: “For the first time, the insurers had to pay an average of more than 20,000 euros for a theft,” said Anja Käfer-Rohrbach from GDV. The amount of economic damage car thieves caused last year is almost 214 million euros.

Berlin has the highest theft rate

In a comparison of the federal states and major cities, Berlin again had by far the highest theft rate – in 2020, more than one in five of the nationwide car thefts took place here. A total of 2,267 vehicles with comprehensive insurance were stolen in the capital, and the economic damage amounted to almost 50 million euros.

Hamburg is in second place with 769 stolen cars. The economic damage in the Hanseatic city was almost 19.5 million euros. On average, the insurers paid more than 25,000 euros for each theft, around 5,000 euros more than the national average.

The theft rate is lowest, at 0.1 thefts per 1,000 cars, in Bavaria (457 cars) and in Baden-Württemberg (448 cars). Not half as many vehicles were stolen there as in the capital, where the theft rate is 2.3.

The number of thefts has been falling for years

SUVs are particularly popular with criminals, according to the report. “The car thieves are primarily targeting SUVs. Seven SUVs are among the top 10 stolen cars,” said Käfer-Rohrbach.

Overall, however, the trend towards fewer vehicle thefts continues. With 105,543 cars stolen, insurers reported the highest number of car thefts in 1993. Since then it has decreased almost continuously.

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